International Burlesque artiste, true vintage beauty, aerial  extraordinaire, Miss Mimi Le Noire is a delicious cocktail of sensual dancer and a glamour diva of 1950’s.


Mimi began her career as an international ballroom dancer and was representing Russia and Italy all around the globe. She was trained by the best dance teachers in the World and created her own, unique style of burlesque which is a combination of flamboyant dance and a seductive tease.


 Mimi is a shining burlesque star well-known all the way from Russia to Australia. She draws her inspiration from the great icons of burlesque history such as Betty Page and Billie Madley.


 Her ‘Big Spender’ striptease is legendary, her dance routines are original and seductive, and her look is an image of total glamour.


You will never be able to forget her performance, she is a sparkle comet on the sky of modern burlesque.

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